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Hair care of Griffon

We can divided into two types wool of the griffon:

  1. Wire-haired griffon- GRIFFON BRUXELLOIS and GRIFFON BELGE.

  2. Smooth griffon - PETIT BRABANCON.

Smooth griffon - PETIT BRABANCON

Caring for a very smooth griffon and wire - haired griffons different.

Hair care of PETIT BRABANCON is reduced mainly to comb Petit Brabancon a natural bristle brush. During molting for more effective care is better to apply a special glove. After combing PETIT BRABANCON you can sprinkle with liquid to improve the quality of wool, and then comb again. This fluid is intended primarily for light wool. But a healthy PETIT BRABANCON, who gets full nutrition wool perfectly shiny without improvers and liquids.

Hair care haired griffons: GRIFFON BRUXELLOIS and GRIFFON BELGE

To maintain the correct color and texture of hair you (or a specialist from the salon) should manually pull out your wire-haired Griffon. Theoretically, you can trim the wire-haired Griffon , but in that case you can get the lighting color, and worse that the hair will become softer, it will be difficult to keep clean and tidy.

Normally, under the machine shorn only older dogs. Dogs that participate in the show only trimming.

To care haired require special tools:

  • - Combs with rare and frequent teeth - for most procedures.

  • - Professional sharp scissors - to give an accurate form pads of paws and the area around the anus and genital organs.

  • - Natural bristle brush.

  • - Brush with rubber insert, inserted into the arm.

Using these tools, you need to override to bathing haired griffons to a minimum.

One of the elements of care haired - trimming. If you want to trimming griffon by yourself, preferably do not learn this from books. At least you should once to see how this makes a specialist, ask questions of the course.

Very often the owners of kennels independently trimming their dogs. The best advice on this issue to contact your breeder. If you are a novice and prepare Griffon to the show - the wool of Griffon should prepare only a specialist. Otherwise, the wool can simply spoil. In this scenario, even a great anatomy and an excellent showing not guarantee your griffon first place.

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Red griffon with small beard


Black griffon with small beard


Smooth-haired griffon

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