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Welcome to site about griffons!

Griffon is one of the oldest among the existing nowadays breeds of dog.

The history of the Griffon is many centuries old and for about 500 hundred years this toy dog has been amusing people.

Unfortunately in spite of the fact that these charming dogs are not difficult to keep and do not require much comfort they are not so popular as for instance Chihuahua or Yorkshire terrier.

On this site we will make an attempt to give a detailed description of each of the varieties of Griffons and you will also learn who the Griffon Bruxellois, the Griffon Belge and the Petit Brabancon are.

We will also try to show the main distinctions among the varieties of Griffons and their character. If you use the given site not only as a source of information but in search of a puppy you will find several offers on page Griffon Puppies.

For those of you who would like to see what Griffon looks like we will allocate the portraits of all the representatives of the breed of different colors in the Griffon Photos section.

Following is brief information about our griffons.

In the breeding we work with pedigree Griffons imported from USA and Canada as well as their breed. The majority of our dogs passed medical tests on the state of their knee joints and eyes. All the dogs have titles. The have also been repeatedly exhibited both in Russia and abroad. We have the dogs of all the three varieties and we also work with all the colors. The dogs bred in our kennel live in many regions of Russia and in several kennels abroad.

If you are set about purchasing a Griffon puppy we can offer you the following breeds:

- griffon bruxellois,

- griffon bruxellois (black),

- griffon bruxellois (black & tan),

- petit brabancon (red),

- petit brabancon (black),

- petit brabancon (black & tan),

We keep in touch with the owners of our Griffons and we are always ready to answer your questions. If you are thinking about purchasing a Griffon or you are at a crossrods among several breeds – you are welcome! One of the puppies of our kennel may become a member of your family: either Griffon with an amusing beard or Petit Brabancon with a human face of a philosopher.

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Red griffon with small beard


Black griffon with small beard


Smooth-haired griffon

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