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Brussels Griffon, photo

The Brussels Griffon (Griffon Bruxellois) originated in Brussels and was a product of breeding different Toy breeds of Affenpinscher, the Pug, and the English Toy Spaniel.
The Brussels Griffon is usually about 7 pounds and rarely go over 12 pounds (3,5 to 6 kg).

The head is the most characteristic part of the body and the most striking.

The head is quite large compared with the body and has an almost human expression The nose is black, very short and is set deeply back in between the eyes to make it look laid back. The eyes should be large but not bulgin.

Their jaws stick out so their lower incisors protrude over the upper jaw and that gives them the appearance of smiling.

They have ears that are high set and it is usually up to the owner on whether to crop them or not.

They have a muscular body that is strong and sturdy. The Brussels Griffon should look sturdy and not delicate.

The color of Brussels Griffons is red, reddish; a little black is allowed on the head furnishing.

Brussels Griffon, photo
Brussels Griffon, photo

In the Brussels Griffons the hair is rough, upstanding and tousled; it is longer above the eyes, on the foreface, the cheeks and chin, forming the head furnishings. The coat should be more wiry and dense. It should not feel like wool or have any hair at all that is silky. The coat should be short and not too long, as with show dogs they do not want them to appear like a shaggy dog.

With the Brussels Griffon (Griffon Bruxellois) breed, you will not need a hair comb for your couch or chairs.

The Brussels Griffon well-balanced little dog, alert, proud, very attached to its owner, very watchful. Neither timid nor aggressive.Brussels Griffons were bred to be a great family pet and they love their family.

The puppies of breed Brussels Griffon is on sale

The puppies of breed Brussels Griffon  is on sale


Red griffon with small beard


Black griffon with small beard


Smooth-haired griffon

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