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Griffon Bruxellois, Griffon Belge and Petit Brabancon

О породе гриффон

Griffon: Room decorative dog.

Griffon Classification FCI: Group 9. Room decorative dogs, Section 3. Small Belgian Dogs (without working trial).

Griffon, and their three GRIFFON BRUXELLOIS (Brussels Griffon), GRIFFON BELGE and PETIT BRABANCON are Belgian geographical names.

Homeland griffons is Belgium, but at the moment Griffon widespread and loved in many countries in Europe and America. In our country, breed only gaining in popularity. We can link this with a small number of representatives of this breed, and less information about the breed.

How does Griffon looks like.

Griffons - a small dog with a motor. Fun, energetic and strong. With bulging eyes, cunning and a snub nose. Wire-haired (GRIFFON BRUXELLOIS and GRIFFON BELGE) with a beard. That beard makes them look like fun houses. Smooth Griffons- PETIT BRABANCON like a boxer breed in miniature. Similarities added cropped ears. Although recently a rarity in connection with the ban on docking ears and tails in some countries.

Weight of dogs of these breeds ranged from 3.5 to 6 kg.

What is the difference Griffons from each other?

BRUSSELS GRIFFON (Griffon Bruxellois) - a red-haired Griffon.
GRIFFON BELGE - black or black and tan wire-haired Griffon.
PETIT BRABANCON (small BRABANCON) is entitled to be red, and black, and black and tan, and red with black and brown - belge color. - BRABANCON it’s a smooth griffon.
But what about the nature of the Griffon?
Nice character for lapdog - this is important!

All types of griffons have a well-balanced psyche. They are not shy and nonaggressive. Bet! After all, the breed comes from Europe and much of the dogs brought from the United States. It is no secret that there are stringent laws in the case of animals (their aggressiveness) in the U.S. and Europe. Dogs should not throw at passers and other dogs, as well as to disturb the neighbors barking. Griffon satisfies all these requirements. If you have other animals - Griffon quickly infused into the company.

Any of the griffons suitable for any family. Griffon real family dog. For older people, these dogs nice companion for walking: griffons do not run away after the cat, not barking at passers, moving next to the host at a given pace. For adults - is quite burdensome dog with a pleasant, intelligent character. With great pleasure, these babies will sleep on your lap, but if you busy, griffons will play with toys or sleeps in their bed place or in a chair.

Griffon fit for fans of dog sports. Griffons are very smart and intelligent. This makes them good mates in the competitions at the rate of obedience.

But most of all, this breed is suitable for children. Always surprising that for young children the parents want to buy a small dog, such as toy and definitely a mini. But the toy and kids like him - this is not a toy for a child, but rather glamorous toys for adults. For the kid needs a strong fun dog, which can be embraced, but to raise the floor and cannot drop, which you can run together. Griffon themselves for many years remain small children, so your child does not get bored. Merry fuss and catch - it securely! And if suddenly your kids something died down, the more likely they are tired of games and sleep in the arms - a child and a dog.

From the foregoing it appears that Griffon - the ideal dog. Do not believe me? Come get acquainted! Without a griffon puppy you will not get away! And much to choose smooth or rough coated Griffon, red or black - it's up to you!

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Red griffon with small beard


Black griffon with small beard


Smooth-haired griffon

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