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Preparing for the emergence of Griffon puppy

Preparing for the emergence of Griffon puppy will not take you much time, but it is worth paying attention.
Preparing for the emergence of Griffon puppy is as follows:

  1. Preparation of the site where the griffon puppy will be the first time.
  2. Cleaning of dangerous objects.
  3. Purchase supplies for Griffon puppy.

Preparation of the site where the griffon puppy will be the first time

Before you bring your griffon puppy to home you need to prepare the apartment for new tenant.
For the first time it’s better to limit the space for Griffon puppy. Especially, if it is a very small griffon puppy or if the griffon puppy is alone most part of the day.
Choose a place where there is no draft and put their soft and warm lager, dog toilet, bowl with water, toys. If the griffon puppy is small, for the convenience of its content for the first time buy aviary. Aviaries are available in any pet store. You can put there everything that the griffon puppy need. If you leave your griffon puppy for long time leave the baby food and water for the griffon puppy.

Preparation of the apartment where the griffon puppy will be- cleaning of dangerous items

Электроприборы не игрушки для щенка

As it is not strange, but your apartment can be dangerous for a griffon puppy. Remove the wires, which are so fond of biting puppies of any breed. Close all bottlenecks, which can climb Griffon puppy during your absence. Remove small objects that Griffon puppy can swallow. Do not leave clothes hanging in their chairs. A curious toddler can pull clothes and throw themselves down. Regarding the "private security", remove from the floor carpets.

Accustomed to go to the toilet to diaper griffon puppy (as a puppy of any breed) can use the carpet for toilet. Why carpet it’s not nappy? Warm for foot, absorbs, it’s better to remove. You spread it back a little later, when the griffon puppy has learned to walk well on the diaper, and then will do all their business on the street.

Не давайте грызть маленьким щенкам уличную обувь

Also remove the shoes. Undoubtedly, leather shoes attract the attention of a griffon puppy - it smells strongly and it’s easy to bite. Of course, unpleasant that the shoes so ignominiously may die, but the shoes for a griffon puppy can be and other dangers. Griffon puppy, grafted singly or puppy being quarantined after regular vaccinations, should not be in contact with the shoes, if you used this shoes on the street. Perhaps on the shoes you brought the infection. Perhaps you can brought the infection on the shoes. Gnawed-off pieces of footwear, and other easily gnawing, while part-expensive items for you, are not digested in the stomach griffon puppy. So put away all that you afraid to loose and that is easy to bite. That is why griffon puppy need a toys - it's better to play with them

Purchase supplies for griffon puppy

Often people wish to arrange your pet's life as much as possible and buy a lot of different things. In fact, the griffon puppy should not have so much.

1. Bowls for food and water

Микси для собаки. Регулируются под рост щенка Автоматическая миска для собаки.






2. Soft Lounger

Лежак для гриффона

3. Carrying bag for travel

Сумка-переноска для гриффона
4. Toys
5. Combs and cosmetics (shampoos, conditioners, air conditioners)
6. Nails cutting
7. Collar and leash
8. Absorbent diapers
9. Aviary
10. Food and treats for the education.

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Red griffon with small beard


Black griffon with small beard


Smooth-haired griffon

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